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For your Big Write today, you are going to write a diary entry about visiting a theme park. Here is a picture:

What is this a picture of? What does the ride look like? How many different rides did you go on? What was the most fun part of your day? Who did you go with? What was the weather like? These are different things you can consider when writing your diary entry. I would like you to imagine you are at this theme park.  Remember to start it with 'Dear diary' and that it the events have already happened so you need to add the suffix 'ed' on to the end of words. For example 'I jumped up and down with excitement when I found out we were going to the theme park!'. Remember when closing your diary entry, you need to put something like 'See you soon' or 'I'll write back in here tomorrow' etc.


Today in Maths we are going to be focusing on dividing by the number 10. We have looked at dividing by 2 and 5, and now we are going to focus on 10. I would like you to watch the video and then complete the activity worksheets afterwards.


For topic today, we are identifying features of the seaside. Have you ever been to the seaside before? What was it like? I would like you to complete the presentation and then complete the different worksheets. 


For EGPS, we are focusing on possessive apostrophes. What is a possessive apostrophe? Do you know what an apostrophe looks like? Complete the PowerPoint and then complete the activities afterwards.