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British Values

This week's big question:

Should Roald Dahl's books be changed for modern times? 


British Value: Rule of Law

We discussed how that, as we move into the future, things develop, change and modernise. Rules and laws will sometimes need to be updated because of this.


Protected Characteristic: Age

Roald Dahl was born in 1916. He based many of his stories and characters on his real life experiences. People of different ages are likely to have different life experiences but we should never be treated unfairly because of our age or the age group we are in.


And remember, relating to the UN Rights of a Child, parents or guardians are the main people responsible for bringing up a child. They should always consider what is best for us. This may involve deciding which books are suitable for us to read.

This week's big question:

Could you do more to protect your local area?


British Value: Democracy

We all have a voice and our opinions should be heard. If we want to help care for and protect natural habitats, we can use our voice and take action. We have the right to give our opinions freely about any issues that affect us such as issues in our local area. Adults should listen to us and take us seriously.


Protected Characteristic: Religion or Belief

For some people, caring for and protecting natural environments form part of their beliefs. It will affect their life choices or how they live their life.

This week's big question:

What is the most important form of communication? 


British Value: Mutual Respect and Tolerance

We are all different, so communicate in different ways. Developing our communication skills can help us become more understanding of the world we live in and may even help someone else feel welcome and cared for. There are many languages spoken across the world that people can use to communicate with one another. We all have the right to use our own language, even if this is not shared by most people in the country we live in.


Protected Characteristic: Disability

Some people may have a disability, such as deafness, which means they communicate with others in a different way. This should never cause someone to be treated unfairly.