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Today's task is to learn about adding fractions with the same denominator. I have attached a teaching video below, and then you can have a go at the questions. 


Let me know how you get on smiley



Have a listen to Mrs Dilks reading Chapter 15 - the Chocolate Room. Then, based on what you hear, draw and label how you think it might look! It would be great to see your different ideas even though you listen to the same text. 


We have come to the end of our learning on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory now, however I will continue to upload each chapter of the book for those of you who would like to hear it until the end. Once again, thank you so much to Mrs Dilks for agreeing to read this for us smiley



Today, as normal for Thursday's grammar lesson, I would like you to combine the grammar focus of questioning with our spelling words for the week. 


Choose a task:


1. Write 3 sentences that include both a spelling word and a question. 

2. Write 4 sentences that include at least one spelling word (try two!) and a question. 

3. Write a paragraph linking all of the spelling words together and including a range of questions. Then, highlight the spelling words and questions you have used either by underlining the words or using a highlighter - remember accurate punctuation!

Reading Comprehension


Have a look at today's comprehension task. You can refer back to my teaching video on inference from last week if you need to, but today is the same type of text. Think hard about the questions and remember to explain why you think what you think - what part of the text can you use to support your idea?