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Creswell Class

Hello and welcome to Creswell Class!
Foundation 2 and Year 1

A big welcome to everyone in Creswell class, I hope you are all ready for a fun and exciting year. Since we last met, I have been thinking about all the lovely ideas you suggested for this year. Here are the names of the topics for this year:
Autumn 1 – Good to be me! – Houses and homes, My family, The body, My friends
Autumn 2 - Sparkle and Shine – Harvest, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Christmas time

Spring 1 - Once upon a time… - Traditional tales, Our favourite stories
Spring 2 - Up, up, up and away! – Space, journeys, aeroplanes, Animals that can fly!

Summer 1 - Green fingers – Growing our own fruit and vegetables, Where does our food come from?
Summer 2 - Buried treasure – Pirates, fairies, and magical places.

Below I have tried to answer some questions that will hopefully give you more of an insight into our school day. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me.

Who will be my teachers in Creswell class?
Your teachers will be Mr Bell, Miss White, Mrs Bellamy, Mrs Batters and Miss Keywood. If your grown – up’s have any questions please tell them to come and ask us any questions/concerns. The best time to speak to Mr Bell and Miss White is after school, as you can appreciate that during the morning we need to register and begin lessons. The first thing you need to do is make a line at the school gates. Mrs Bellamy and Mrs Green will be at the gate each morning to welcome the children in and to help them hang their coats/bags on their pegs. Alternatively your adults can always call the school to arrange a time to come in and see us.

Which day do I need a P.E Kit and what shall I wear?
It is a good idea to bring your kit with you on a Monday morning and collect it for washing on a Friday. Our P.E days are Tuesday and Wednesday. This term you will need some shorts, a T-shirt and some plimsolls/trainers. Please make sure your name is in everything!

When do I need to hand my homework in?
You will be given a book called a ‘Learning Journal’. In this book will be any messages from myself and a short homework task/spellings etc. This will be given out on Friday and collected in on Wednesday. The task will be a fun task either about something we have been learning about in class or researching something for the following week. Let me know if you have trouble accessing a computer at home for these tasks. You will be rewarded for how hard you try with tree token points. You can also write a comment/message in these books, if you want to ask me anything.

Can I bring my own toys in from home?
I would always advise that your toys stay at home, unless you have been asked to bring something in for show and tell or for an activity in class. Each week I will choose a group of children to take part in ‘Show and Tell’. Show and Tell days will be on Monday and Friday.

Will I be having a snack?
We will be having a piece of fruit/veg and a drink each morning. Water will always be on offer at anytime during the day. So don’t forget to bring your water bottle each day.

What happens at home time?
We will open the gates at 3.15pm and send you to your grown-up as we see them. Ask your grown-up to wait near our gate so that we can easily see them. If anyone different will be collecting your child, please let us know that morning.

I know you are all in for a fun and exciting year in Creswell Class!
Mr Bell