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Today, we will be re-reading and editing our non-chronological reports in order to make improvements. Have you included all of the features or could you add some more information in? Have you included a range of accurate punctuation? Could you use synonyms for some words to enhance the overall effect of your writing? Try and improve your work and then write it up again neatly. Use a pen if you have one! Send me a photo of the finished piece smiley

Reading Comprehension


Please see the below reading comprehension text and activity. Please complete the 3* activity, which is the one furthest down the document. Read through the text and answer the questions as best you can, using evidence from the text and full sentences. Then, the answers are provided so you can check how you got on. 

Golden Time


Please spend some time today relaxing! You have free choice on what you get up to - you could do some colouring, origami, crafts or watch a movie to name a few ideas. Enjoy the time switching off from your work and taking some time to reflect and be mindful smiley



To cement our learning on shading techniques that we have practised throughout the year, look at the shading worksheet below and see if you can recreate each of the techniques. Once you have done that, try and include some of them in your own sketch. If you have a set of sketching pencils that is great, but don't worry if not - you can complete this using your everyday pencil too!