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Welcome back to a new half term! I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing break and are ready to go with our new learning. As it is a new half term, we are starting a new topic of decimals. This links in to the fractions topic we looked at last half term. 


I will put some of my own teaching videos on throughout this week, but for today please watch the below video which explains today's concept really clearly. Then, have a go at the worksheet.


If you need any more help on this, please just email and I will do all I can to help. 



The first topic this half term is biographies. We will be studying the work of an amazing woman as part of our overall topic of 'Achievers and Inventors' and I can't wait for us to learn more! 


To start with, think about what you already know about biographies and discuss it with a grown up if you can. What are they? What sort of information do they include? 


Then, choose some famous people you would like to research the biographies of. Just look at the front covers of these biographies - what information do they include? How are they presented? Are they colourful and bold or quite plain? 


The task today is to create your own biography front cover. This can be based on whoever you would like. It could be a famous person or a friend, family member or someone else who inspires you. Be creative! 



We are going to be focusing on the topic of change for the next few lessons. So much has changed for us in the past year, hasn't it? Can you think of things that have changed for you? How did you feel about these changes and is that different now? For example, when the change first happened you might have felt really worried or sad but now you could be feeling much more content about it. Why could this be?


Complete the attached sheet about different changes that you have experienced. Think about how these made you feel and the actions you could take in order to support yourself and others through this change. Then, have a look back at the changes you listed and categorise these into big changes and small changes. Do you feel differently about different types of change? 


If you can, discuss your ideas with a grown up. If not, you can email your ideas to me or I can give you a ring to talk them through! 



In keeping with our English where we will be studying the work of an amazing woman, in History we are also looking at amazing women who made such a positive change to society as we know it now. 


Do you already know anything about the Suffragettes? Note down any existing knowledge you might have. If you don't have any - don't worry! We are going to learn lots smiley


Use the attached PowerPoint to find out lots more about the Suffragettes and their purpose. How do you think they have impacted on our society? Then, watch the video for a more visual approach. 


What do you think about the way the Suffragettes carried out their protests? Do you think they had to do these things in order to be heard? Do you think their movement was important or not? Send me a paragraph of your ideas about the Suffragettes based on your learning from today.