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Creswell Class

Hello and welcome to Creswell Class!

Foundation 2 and Year 1


A big welcome to everyone in Creswell Class, I hope you are all ready for a fun and exciting year. Here are our topics for this year -

Autumn term 1 – Enchanted Worlds — Woodland Animals, Trolls, Mythical creatures and the traditional tale of Hansel and Gretel. We will be designing and creating our own fairy/pixie puppets.

Autumn term 2 – Frozen Planet - What would it be like to work in our very own ice-cream factory? Are we up to the challenge of creating a new awesome flavour? In this topic we will also be looking at the Arctic, polar bears and penguins and also the film Frozen.


Spring term 1 – Superheroes -We will be looking at famous superheroes and writing our own superhero adventures. We will also be designing our very own superhero capes! We will be reading the ‘Traction Man’ stories by Mini Grey.

Spring term 2 – Moon Zoom! - CRASH! What’s that landed in the playground? Let’s go take a look—Stand back looks like a UFO has crash landed! We will be learning about Space, time travel, planets and famous astronauts.


Summer term 1 – Rio De Vida - Hot! Hot! Hot! Let’s dance to the Samba beat! In this topic we will be learning all about Brazil/Rio. We will be looking at the country, carnivals, the music and ‘Rio’ the film.

Summer term 2 – Bright Lights, Big City - What do you know about England’s capital city? Let’s find out about our capital city including history, transport and famous landmarks.


Below I have tried to answer some questions that will hopefully give you more of an insight into our school day. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me.


Who will be my teachers in Creswell class?

Your teachers will be Mr Bell, Mrs Batters and Miss Denyer. If your grown – up’s have any questions please tell them to come and ask us any questions/concerns. The best time to speak to Mr Bell is after school, as you can appreciate that during the morning we need to register and begin lessons. Miss Denyer, Mrs Batters and Mrs Green will be on the door each morning. Alternatively your adults can always call the school to arrange a time to come in and see us.



Which day do I need a P.E Kit and what shall I wear? -

It is a good idea to bring your kit with you on a Monday morning and collect it for washing on a Friday. Our P.E days are Wednesday (am) and Thursday (pm). This term you will need some shorts, a T-shirt and some plimsolls/trainers. Long hair must be tied up and no jewellery please. Also make sure your name is in everything!


When do I need to hand my homework in?

You will be given a book called a ‘Learning Journal’. In this book will be any messages from myself and a short homework task/spellings etc. This will be given out on Friday and collected in on Wednesday. The task will be a fun task either about something we have been learning about in class or researching something for the following week. It will also include a list of phonic sounds and keywords to practise for the following week. Let me know if you have trouble accessing a computer at home for these tasks. You will be rewarded for how hard you try with tree tokens. You can also write a comment/message in these books, if you want to ask me anything.


Can I bring my own toys in from home?

I would always advise that your toys stay at home, unless you have been asked to bring something in for show and tell or for an activity in class. Each week I will choose a different tree team to take part in ‘Show and Tell’. Show and Tell days will be on Monday and Friday, during snack times.


Will I be having a snack?

We will be having a piece of fruit/veg and a drink each morning. Water will always be on offer at anytime during the day. So don’t forget to bring your water bottle each day.


What happens at home time?

We will open the gates at 3.15pm and send you to your grown-up as we see them. Please ask your grown-up to stand near our gate so that it is easy to see them. If anyone different will be collecting you, please tell your grown-up to let us know that morning.


I am really looking forward to working with you all this year!


Mr Bell

Sport Relief 2018 - Sponsored 1 mile walk

We did it!
We walked around the playground 10 times.
In the pouring rain!
We had fun and we made-up lots of chants.
Yes! We did it! Well done everyone!

Chinese New Year 2018 - The Year of the Dog

We had a look at a range of Chinese artefacts.
We had to make a dog using a range of 2D shapes.
We had to cut the shapes out carefully.
We made Chinese dragon masks.
We painted on the detail and added some materials.
We made a moving mouth.
Look at these big, bright eyes.
We had a Chinese buffet in the afternoon.
The snacks were yummy!

Supertato - Veggies Assemble!

Our New Outdoor Toys!

We will look after our new pushchairs and babies.
It is so exciting to use some of our new toys.
A tiny fairy!
We can build houses for the fairies
Look at our new water toys!
Working as a team to join the pipes together
Outdoor fun making playdough shapes
Our new lovely dolls house

Our Amazing Day at Rand Farm

Climbing high!
Swing time!
Who's driving?
Fun times
The balance frame!
Spinning our friends around
We fed the animals.
Robyn the horse liked the food...a lot!
Farm jobs!
We fed the goats.
Could this be our new class pet??
We could only feed the animals with 4 legs.
We can do it!
This was Geraldine the Rabbit.
Lily the Rabbit.
Look what is in here boys!
We loved the guinea pig castle.
She felt very soft.
The guinea pigs were very 'Jumpy'.
They felt so soft.
This guinea pig kept trying to get off!
Christmas party time!
A present from a cracker.
What a lovely lunch!
Yummy food!
Pulling a cracker with my friends.
Festive fun with our friends.
Baking with Mrs Claus.
Where are we going?
A walk through the winter forest.
Is that a polar bear??
We found two beautiful reindeers.
So many animals that we have been learning about.
Look at the huge antlers!
We made reindeer food!
Carefully putting it into tiny red bags.
Using the tiny scoops for the magical food.
Choosing the ingredients.
Look at these three cheeky reindeers!
And finally, a visit to see Father Christmas.
Excellent manners from the children in Creswell.
We told Santa what we would like for Christmas.
Listening carefully to Santa.
Is that snow??
We finished the day at the Elf academy.
Miss Tomlinson doing some wrapping!

The most delicious ice cream in the world!

We can't wait to try the ice cream.
Look at how it is changing on the ice cream maker.
Time to tuck in!
Smartie flavour!
It tasted amazing!
We made salted caramel flavour.
We had so much fun!

Remembrance Day - Poppy biscuits

First we made a shortbread biscuit with Betty.
We made a tiny poppy from icing.
They tasted yummy!

Remember, Remember...

We used pastels to make firework pictures.
Look at the detail.
Beautiful colours
Our amazing writing about the 'The Gunpowder Plot'
We made some posters about Guy Fawkes.
Melting chocolate for our sparkler biscuits!
Yum, yum!
Lots of sprinkles for these girls.
They tasted delightful!

We love P.E! One of our favourite lessons of the week.

We have been practising our balancing.

Diwali week!

Marvellous maths work!

Watercolour Woodland Animals

Wonderful Writers

Wow! Super star.
We have been writing about woodland animals.
We had to write some facts about the animals.
We are really trying hard with our handwriting.

Marvellous maths work!

We had to fill in the missing numbers.
We had to practise writing the number word.
We had to carefully draw the correct amount.

Busy bakers - Macmillan coffee event

Mixing the butter and sugar together
We had to follow a recipe
Adding the flour and eggs
We loved squeezing the juice out of the lemons
Making the lemon icing
Super team work - You are amazing!

Wonderful writers!

CVC sound work in phonics
Beautiful handwriting
So proud!
We are writing new words everyday
We learn new sounds everyday
We used our trolls that we created at home
We love writing!

Our Indian Experience Dance Session with Sunita!

Our Great British Values Work

We have been learning about leaders.
We looked at the Queen and Teresa May.
We used sketching pencils to draw them.
We had a go at writing our own rules.
This is how we can to learn in our class.

Our Fairy and Troll Puppets!

We used lots of different materials.
We carefully cut the felt.
We used glue to stick the pieces of material on.
Beautiful flower fairy!
Wonderful designs.
Tiny peg puppets.
Look at this fabulous troll!
It was hard to cut the felt.
Love the hair on this one!
Another amazing fairy.
Just look at the eyes peeping through.
We added lots of detail.
Fantastic creations.
Feeling proud of our designs.
Such beautiful detail.
Love the eyes on this troll.

Our Harvest Group Poem and Harvest Soup!

Phase 3 phonic sounds

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Jolly phonics phase two sounds

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Jolly phonics phase 3 sounds

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Tricky word songs

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More tricky words songs

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Counting fruit and vegetables

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This is how we segment and blend sounds to read new words...

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Phase 2 keywords

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Phase 3 keywords

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Counting down from 20 song

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Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

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Take a look at this short video clip which explains all about the year 1 phonics screen check that takes place in the summer term.

How to pronounce the letter sounds correctly

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