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In Maths today, we will be rounding numbers to 1,000,000. Please have a look at the White Rose teaching video then have a go at the questions.

GPS and Spelling

On Monday, we talked about how we can check all our punctuation is correct. Now we have had some reminders over the week, have a look at this paragraph. Read it carefully and see if you can add in all the correct punctuation. 

You may need to re-write the sentences to help you do this. 


For English today, we will be completing our Big Write. 

We have been working on character descriptions. I would like you to choose any character from your favourite book. If you like, you could choose one of the characters from our class book. 

Your description should include lots of adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors and should be organised into paragraphs. 

Have a look at the Success Criteria after you have finished and check that you have included all the  features we need. 



In Science, we are going to begin our learning all about Materials and their properties. 

You will need a selection of different items from around your house that are all made of a different material before you start so gather whatever you can find!

When you are ready, use the lesson powerpoint and worksheets below.