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Thursday 24th February

Today we have learnt about the life and achievements of Amelia Earhart in English. We looked at her amazing achievements of breaking world records and also the mystery that surrounds her disappearance. 


Please choose one of the following tasks:


- Use the knowledge you already have and any additional research to create a poster on Amelia Earhart. Think about key dates, achievements and also what she may have been like as a character. You could also discuss her feelings during different flights - the unplanned landing in Ireland instead of France and when she was hovering above the island waiting for the ship's signal. 


- Create a timeline of key events from her life. This could include her birthday, her first flight, dates she broke world records, when she got married, when she attempted to circumnavigate the globe and when she went missing. These are just some ideas - feel free to include any dates you think are relevant or interesting! 


Please only complete one of these tasks and then either email your work to or bring it in to school by Wednesday 2nd March


If you have any problems, please let me know!